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Book Chapters

Book Title: Diverse perspectives and state-of-the-art approaches to the utilization of data-driven clinical decision support systems

Chapter: Cognitive human factors in AI-decision support system: Focus on clinicians

A. Choudhury, M.L. Saremi, and E. Urena, "Perception, Trust, and Accountability Affecting Acceptance of Artificial Intelligence: From Research to Clinician Viewpoint. In Diverse Perspectives and State-of-the-Art Approaches to the Utilization of Data-Driven Clinical Decision Support Systems. IGI Global, pp. 105-124. 2022

Book Title: The patient Factor: A handbook on patient ergonomics

Chapter: Patient—professional communication

O. Asan, B. Crotty, and A. Choudhury, “Patient—professional communication,” in The Patient Factor: A Handbook on Patient Ergonomics, R. Holden and R. Valdez, Eds., 1st ed., vol. 1, CRC Press: Taylor & Francis, 2020, Ch. 6, pp. 108–124. 2021

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